Our Story

In January 2014, Dr. Simmons decided to open the weight loss spa to give her patients 30 minute appointments to get to the root of their health problems by addressing the lifestyle changes that are behind 75% of all chronic health conditions. Now patients lose weight and sometimes discontinue some medications at the same time!

In 2020, after completing the rigorous process to become certified in Obesity Medicine, she is considered a specialist  in the field.  She has learned many new  ways to help you succeed. 

As we navigate through the Covid 19 pandemic, weight loss is even more important.  People who have obesity are at higher risk for serious disease and death than diabetes, heart disease, cancer and asthma.  Unfortunately, having obesity increases your risk of all of those diseases as well.  Dr. Simmons wants to help you face this pandemic with less fear because you can win this battle!

Why Us

We offer a variety of services because weight issues come from a variety of sources!

Lipomelt is a procedure that allow us to SPOT TREAT to shrink those stubborn fat cells in a pain-free, relaxing way! 

We are part of the Center for Medical Weight Loss where we help patients use meal replacements to reach their goals before adding real food to keep if off.


Our most popular program includes customized weight loss based on your metabolic rate. Medical detox and supplements are also available! To order supplements on my online store, click below.


At this time hcg and b 12 injections are NOT part of her weight loss strategies. Healthy and clinically proven techniques are her focus to give you LONG-LASTING results!